“It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

In one of its viral marketing case studies FRCTL points out that an effective campaign will have the following features –“emotionally compelling, highly visual, high quality production, unique, newsworthy, and based on a proven viral premise, optimized for social sharing.” If you look closely you cannot help but notice that some of these qualities are what you would want to see in a good story. At Xejic, we love telling stories, and we don’t want yours to stay in your head. Here is how we can help.

Give your story the right format

You have the cast, you have the script, but your story needs to have the right format. There is no one set format for any story. Depending on your product/venture you need to tailor this format to best reach your target audience. The face of your story is your company website. We help you design a site which reaches out to your audience in an effective way. Be it including forums where needed or just a whole lot of images to convey your story, it all depends on you!

Make it interesting

“Must a cup, or bag, suffer an existence that is limited to just one humble purpose, defines merely by its simple function?” When it comes to telling, you never know what could work for you! The above quote is from Chipotle’s famous Cultivating Thought series, wherein their cups became the means of connecting people with the inspiring words of many authors. Let us help you think beyond the realms of traditional marketing and tell your story the way it should be heard.

Pictures speak louder than words!

Yes they do, but your pictures can no longer be another coffee cup. While images do capture people’s attention, we believe they need to be crafted the right way to speak volumes. We love putting on our creative hats to come up with the right images for your website/ social media page or wherever they are best suited to be displayed. The right image = a great story.

Engage people the right way

Here is an interesting fact. There are 198 million active ad block users around the world (Source). As Skyword rightly puts it “With the rapid decline in interrupt advertising, it has become even more critical for us to reach our audiences in ways beyond banners and paid product spots.”(Source) This means you have to find ways and means to create engaging content which makes your consumer feel involved. We will help you brainstorm content/campaign that will help your consumer be a part of your story. Let them join the bandwagon too!

Creativity at its best

Whether it’s your logo, your tagline or just about anything. It all needs to be there with dash of creativity. At Xejic, we have a team of technologists and strategists to address all your brand related needs. We do not like to constrain ourselves to these terms, and value creativity above everything else. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing your story gets its applause. For us, its creativity that makes the world go round.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us soon. Let us build your story.

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